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Thank You

Having serverd in the US Navy. I can attest to the hardships endured by the men and women in the service protecting our freedoms. To those who came before, we can never repay the debt we owe. Let us remember, not just on Memorial day (or Rememberance day in Canada), but everyday the things that we are able to take for granted because someone answered the call of duty.

THANK YOU so very much.

Website update

Just wanted to post an update on my new website that will be launching soon (I hope). I and in the testing stage right now. Apache and PHP can be frustrationg at times when they will not do what you want. That said I should be launching the new site in a couple of weeks.

And another on bites the dust

It appears that Pentax has accepted Hoya’s buyout bid. I’ll be the first to tell you that I haven’t been keeping up with this one, so I don’t know the details as of yet. I will repost on this topic when I learn more.

May not be news

Okay, this may not be news to some of you, but I found this link to a 160 (yes that is one hundred and sixty) mega pixel camera from Seitz.

Check it out here.

Tip of The Day 5/22/2007

Home for the Hollidays



Today’s tip is thanks to Dave Cross.

            We are going to turn a photo into a line drawing with Photoshop. By the way, as I get more organized I will be adding more photos and hopefully videos.

            So, here we go. Step 1: of course is open your file. Now keep in mind hat this won’t work with all pictures but when it does it is sweet.  Step2: copy your background layer into a new layer with control or command J. Desaturate that layer by hitting command or controlshift
U. Duplicate that layer with command or control J and invert with command or control I. Change that layer’s blending mode to Color Dodge. Now you should see a white or nearly all white canvas. This is where the fun begins. Go to filter, blur, motion blur and drag back in as much detail as you like.

            There you have it, a pencil sketch from a photo.

Testing my new Sekonic

sunset1.jpgMan was the wind cold that april day. I was starting to think the sun wasn’t going to drop when the light finally came around.