Nikon D3

Let me throw my .02 cents into the Nikon rumor mill. My rep (who I won’t name for his benefit, but those of you that work with me know who I am referring to) has told me that he is going to a big conference end of July, beginning of August. He has been told nothing of a new D3. In fact he gets his rumors from me. Now having been in the retail business long enough, this conference is probably to launch the fall line up (read new for Christmas). However, if I were a betting man I would wager that Nikon has a trick or two up its sleeve and we may just see the launch of the D3?.

Now that that is out of the way. D4 rumors anyone? I hear that it will be a 645 sensor LBCAST, 16 frames per second quad processor with tethered 200 GB hard drive, multi cam 8000 AF with 107 AF points and can make your coffee in the morning too.

Of course, immediately following will be the new D5 with holographic HDR capture.

Enough with the rumors already!


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