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First Digital Assignment from Prairie View

dt1kbfirstshootleaf1ws.jpg dt1kbfirstshootleaf2ws.jpg

Here are a couple of my favorites from today’s first assignment.


More from the farm


Here’s another slide from the same day as “Ole # 44”

Ole # 44

Ole # 44

I was looking through my slides from a couple of years ago and came across this gem.

SB-800 Light tests


I decided that I had put off testing my SB-800 and SU-800 long enough. Here are a few sample shots. They were all created in my living room with nothing more than a piece of green felt, a SU-800 , two SB-800 , a Nikon D70 and except for the remote two pieces of acrylic used for covering florescent light fixtures. The flashes were set to +.3 ev and -1ev respectively.

Sunday Drive

Manitoba Hwy 23 

You just never know when a photo oppertunity is going to strike.

Graphically Speaking


Graphically speaking… My take on the bridge that has become synonymous with Winnipeg.

Hi Neighbor: Transcona

Well, it is that time of year again. The Hi Neighbor festival is in full swing here in Transcona. Part of the festivities is Memorial Sunday and the laying of the wreath at the Cenotaph Memorial in Circle Park. Here are the pictures.

2007legion0023q.jpg 2007legion0026q.jpg 2007legion0028q.jpg 2007legion0031q.jpg 2007legion0056-q.jpg 2007legion0060q.jpg 2007legion0078q.jpg 2007legion0086q.jpg 2007legion0092q.jpg legionscetch.jpg